Course Overview

Chartered Accountants are recognized and respected leading professionals working across a vast array of business activities and sectors. A Chartered accountant is trained by ICAI (the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India), a statutory body set up by an Act of Parliament. A Chartered Accountant is qualified to offer advisory services to clients including companies and individuals. A CA can also choose to do independent practice. They can also apply for the job of Chartered Accountant in an existing firm. A qualified CA can apply for a government job, public or private sectors both. CA plays an important role in the firm in taking quick decision and making profits for the firm.






  1. CA Foundation
  2. CA Intermediate
  3. Articleship
  4. CA Final

CA Foundation is the entrance exam to Chartered Accountancy course. Students from any stream can apply for CA foundation. Graduates and Post graduates are exempted from CA foundation and are directly eligible for CA intermediate.

  • Paper 1 - Principles and Practice of Accounting
  • Paper 2 - Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting
  • Paper 3 - Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and Statistics
  • Paper 4 - Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge

Students who qualified CA foundation or graduates/post graduates can pursue CA intermediate. Graduates/Post graduates will have to complete 9 months of articleship before applying for exams.


  • Paper 1 - Accounting 
  • Paper 2 - Corporate laws and other law 
    • Part I - Corporate laws 
    • Part 2 - Other Laws 
  • Paper 3 - Cost and management accounting 
  • Paper4 - Taxation 
    • Paper I -Direct tax laws 
    • Paper II - Indirect tax laws 


  • Paper 5 - Advanced accounting 
  • Paper 6 - Auditing and assurance 
  • Paper 7 - Enterprise information system & strategic management 
    • Section A: Enterprise information systems 
    • Section B: Strategic management 
  • Paper 8 - Financial management & economics for finance 
    • Section A - Financial management
    • Section B - Economics for finance

Students who qualified CA intermediate can register for CA final. CA final students have to complete 3 years of articleship.


Various job opportunities for Chartered accountants exist in India and abroad with the best salary package. Chartered Accountants can either do independent practise or get hired in financial departments of firms or companies. With the industrialization and modernization, the scope of CA has become broader. Chartered accountants play an important role in making financial strategies and decisions. The ICAI has tied up with some of foreign countries to allow Indian professionals to work there.

Students who have cleared the 12th exams are eligible for CA foundation. Students who have successfully completed CA foundation can appear for CA intermediate exams. Graduates and Post graduate need not have to write CA foundation exams. Commerce graduates with 55% and other graduates with 60% are eligible for CA intermediate exams. Students who have successfully cleared intermediate exams and completed the required period of artcileship can appear for CA Final exams.

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Many factors make a profession amazing. And most of them come together in Chartered Accountancy!

Yes, CA is fascinating in every sense. Continue reading for a better insight into this glorious profession.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India trains a Chartered Accountant. ICAI is a statutory body set up by an act of Parliament and has partnered with few foreign countries to facilitate abroad job opportunities.

As we all know, this world moves on business. And each second, billions are transacted in the form of money, goods and services. Remember, every penny has to be dealt with utmost care.

The business world depends on Chartered Accountants to record transactions, evaluate profit and loss, take major decisions and more. So, irrespective of the volume of income or profit, almost 1.3 billion people in this country or 7 billion people on this planet have to seek the help of an accounting professional at some point of time.

It makes sense to be a Chartered Accountant!

Just call the best CA Academy in Trivandrum.


1. Widened Horizons

The future possibilities and career prospects of a Chartered Accountant are really captivating. In fact, all the desirable features of a career are combined in this charming profession. The high demand in India and abroad for instance.

2. Incredible Income

In India a Chartered Accountant is paid Rs 12 lakhs per annum on average. Many CAs are earning multiple times higher than this. And the scenario is the same across the globe.

3. Major role in decision making

Financial position matters for any organisation or entrepreneur. And CA is the one who prepare and maintain the records of all financial transactions. It means that, he or she is the one with absolute clarity of the company’s financial state.

A company develops its new strategies by evaluating the decisions taken in the previous years and their outcomes. The analytical and negotiation skills of an efficient Chartered Accountant play a vital role here.

The CA develops creative and effective financial planning and strategies to protect the interests of his or her clients or employer.

4. Bright Career prospects & Security

Once qualified, your job security and career advancement opportunities are immense. If you are CA you are eligible to be employed anywhere, anytime. Because every business needs a CA’s service and no industry is exception.

A Chartered Accountant can be an entrepreneur too. You may start a CA Firm and be a consultant of Entrepreneurs, Companies, Individuals and other organisations.

5. High Social Status

CA is one of the most respected professions in the world. Even other professionals seek the expertise and knowledge of Chartered Accountants to manage their finances.

There are rules to regulate the way we handle our own money. So it is highly significant to keep our Account Statements and Records intact. Definitely it demands excellent economic expertise. Naturally people from all walks of life approach CAs for financial advices and the preparation and maintenance of their Financial Statements.

Features of CA Course

1.Numerous career choices

You learn a broad range of subjects and topics. Obviously on completion of the course, the candidate becomes proficient in diverse aspects of Financial Management.

As a professional, such a capability and knowledge in a variety of segments add to your value in different ways and open many new doors.

2. Global Recognition

CA is one of the most popular courses in India and abroad. Indeed the job opportunities are massive and spread across the world.

3. Everything is practical

On the job experience is an integral part of CA Course. And the Course Content includes Financial Reporting, Taxation and Management Accounting.

4. Sense of achievement

The course is challenging and it takes discipline to succeed. And your analytical and academic proficiency count. These features help you identify and sharpen own skills. Subsequently the candidate enjoys an extraordinary sense of accomplishment.

The rewards are rich!

5. Exam

CA Exam is a real test of one’s Auditing, Taxation, Accounting and various other financial expertise and skills.

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